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Your World. Your Move.

  1. We plant a tree for every move!
  2. We sponsor planting new trees in the communities all over the world through Trees for the Future and other programs.
  3. We invite our customers to come volunteer with us at the local parks districts for community days to plant trees with us. ( facebook link) (twitter link)
  4. Our diesel trucks use bio-diesel when available!
  5. We volunteer for river clean ups with our local parks districts!
  6. We use 100% recycled cardboard boxes for pack jobs!
  7. We use biodegradable shrink wrap!
  8. We use 100% recycled packing paper!
  9. We are Fedex Customer critical carriers to help ensure that our trucks are always loaded.
  10. We are 5 star rated on Uship!



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When it comes to professional moving services in Ohio, customer satisfaction takes on a whole new meaning with EkoMovers. Carrying an established reputation for effective relocation, our full-service company provides packing, storage, and both local and long distance moving assistance that goes beyond just getting the job done.