EkoMovers are a customer-centric company and provide valuable moving services to our community. We offer satisfaction to your relocation needs and recognize the importance of taking care of our world. Our goal from the start has been to be Earth-friendly. We always executed eco-friendly approaches in our moving process.

Our Story

EkoMovers started as a group of college fellows casually moving people for extra money and grew into an opportunity to change the industry. At the same time, we are preserving the environment and eliminating waste —our focus is on providing quality customer service and satisfaction. We have professional movers who have a passionate commitment to the environment. They understand your unique needs and deliver the best relocation services. It has helped EkoMovers grow into a full-service moving company that serves all US metro areas.

Environmental Focus

“Plan a Move, Plant a tree.” On top of providing professional moving services, we “give back” to the earth by planting a tree on behalf of every customer we serve. It’s what we believe in. It’s what we do. We are different from traditional movers. It makes us different from others. We immensely focus on reducing the impact of moves on the environment. What is good for the environment is what is good for us. EkoMovers have taken proactive approaches to promote eco-friendly practices. We will continue to implement this green initiative in our moving process.

EkoMovers Mascot

Due to their permeable skin that absorbs chemicals and pollutants, frogs provide an early-response system that can tell us when something is wrong in the environment.
Frogs help the ecosystem by eating mosquitoes, ticks, and flies that carry vector-borne diseases and serve as food to a diverse array of predators, including birds, reptiles, fish, dragonflies, and monkeys.