Halloween season is coming again, the wonderful time of the year when people put on oversized knit sweaters, slice some Jack O’Lanterns, sip on Pumpkin Spice lattes, and most importantly (especially if you have kids), go trick or treating. It is very rare to find kids that would give up the chance to dress like the character they admire the most and collect a basket filled with candy.

Many families are lucky to live in areas where trick-or-treating is very common and easy to do because the streets are safe, but unfortunately, other families are not as lucky when it comes to that as they live in neighborhoods with very few houses and unsafe streets. Thankfully, in Cincinnati, there are many areas that are good for trick-and-treating, so if you ever find yourself in this wonderful city, you should try to check those places out.

Before we go further to list those areas, let us look at what makes a good trick-or-treating area.

What makes an area good for trick-and-treating?

There are a few characteristics that make an area good for trick-and-treating for both the kids going about the business and the adults supervising them.

House Density

If you live in a neighborhood where the houses are closely packed to each other, you have a good trick-or-treating area to yourself. This is because it is easier to move around such neighborhoods, and there are more houses on each street than other normal places, so you will find your basket getting filled with candy in no time.

Child Residents

Though not official, there is a certain age where it becomes uncool for you to engage in trick-or-treating. Teenagers are more interested in Halloween parties, and adults are not allowed to trick-or-treat, no matter how much you want to get involved. Since this is the case, the number of children living in any area determines if the area is good for trick-or-treating or not.

Holiday Spirit

Many times, you can be limited by the kind of area you live in. If your neighborhood people are not so big on Halloween celebration (you know, funny caricatures, genuinely frightening displays, fake cobwebs, animatronic zombies, and the other creative ways to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve), you won’t have a fun trick-or-treating experience.


Now to the most important part of the matter: Candy. If you live in a high-income neighborhood, it follows that you will have more neighbors who can afford to give out large amounts of candy, and this will most definitely do the trick or treat experience fun. If you have many people who are willing to invest more in candy, then you have a really good area for trick or treating.

Now let us look at the best neighborhoods for trick-and-treating in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Best Neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in Cincinnati

  • Wyoming
  • College Hill
  • Finneytown
  • Bridge Point
  • West Price Hill
  • Mt. Washington