Moving into a new home and doing all the moving YOURSELF? Here are some tips to keep your move safe.

There’s always the excitement of a new home. Aside from the psychological rush and feeling attached to changing environments, starting fresh in a new area or even moving your home business, there’s the huge decision of ‘how’ to move! If you are in that category, we would like to share some options you have any tips on how to execute them safely and efficiently.

Essentially, there are two options for every mover:

1. Professional Moving Companies
2. Moving by yourself (DIY moving)

Here are 7 DIY tips on how you can move safely:

Tip #1 Keep a First Aid Box Handy
Next up, you should keep a first aid box handy. It is better to be ‘over prepared’ than ‘under-prepared’. So, we advise that you keep a first aid box in the moving vehicle or somewhere accessible. This will help you in handling scratches and injuries should they occur.

Tip #2 Pack Early
When handling small objects that need to be moved, you should start packing early. In fact, you could pack what you’re not moving as early as possible; this will ease up the pressure later. The earlier you get started, the better.

Tip #3 Clear the pathway
Next, you should clear the pathway and ensure that it is free of obstructions. As you pack, make sure that the pathway(s) to the door is clear of boxes, and that there’s enough space to move everything.

Tip #4 Go easy on the weight- the 50 pounds rule
As you pack the books, the dishes or what have you; make sure that you do not over-pack a box. Usually, the safety rule is that no box should weigh more than 50 pounds. This rule does not only protect your muscles it also causes less stress; and ensures that the boxes are kept in a good and safe condition.

Tip #5 While Lifting, aid your hands with your knees
While lifting, you shouldn’t lean forward towards the ground with your hands; this will exert too much pressure on your back. The safest way to lift the heavy object is to aid your balance with your knees and hands and move slowly. You may have to bend down like you are about to squat, but it is safe and easier, then lift up.

Tip #6 Push rather than pull
For items that are heavy and difficult to move, remember this: it is easier to push forward than to pull. So, stand at the other edge and push towards the right direction making sure the other person is guiding as you’re pushing.

Tip #7 Go easy
Do not rush! You may feel like Superman and ironmaster but when it comes to moving, take it slow and carefully. Think every step through and if there’s a challenge brainstorm the appropriate solution. Basically, use your head before your muscle.

Lastly, we advise that you get help if you need it! You won’t be able to move all the items by yourself! When there’s a heavy item, call a friend or neighbor to help you out. Never attempt to lift anything heavy by your self!
Best of luck!


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