Even if you don’t select a professional moving company and just ask your friends to help you, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to plan ahead and have a solid budget when changing houses.

Here are the most common expenses associated with settling into your new home.


Unless you have opted in for a full service moving by a professional company, you will probably spend some money on wrapping your belongings.

Pay the extra dollars for high-quality cardboard boxes unless you want to pick up your items from the driveway. Of course, if you can get good quality boxes for free, jump right on the opportunity. Don’t be thrifty about bubble wrap and packaging peanuts for all the fragile items including dishes, glass, and porcelain.

You will also be needing packaging paper to wrap items and pad empty spaces in boxes.

To keep your best clothing in top shape, be sure to select the right garment boxes.

Large items such as furniture and electronics should be wrapped tightly in moving blankets and transported with the help of ropes.

Truck Rental and Associated Costs

Even if you don’t hire an entire moving company, you still need a truck or at least a van to help you carry your items to the new place.

Most vehicles are rented by the hour or by the day, which means 8 hours and can start at around $30 and go up to $80 or more, based on the size of the vehicle. Add to this price the cost of the fuel which is between 50 cents and $1 per mile. You will also have an additional insurance cost of about $20 per day.

For some trucks, you may have to hire the driver since these some of the vehicles require special permits and skills.

When moving, you will also need helpers to load and unload the truck or van. Unless you convince your friends and family to help you this, you will have to put it in the budget.

Bear in mind that you don’t only need a truck to move your things, you will need additional vehicles to transport your family and pets.

Long-Distance Moving

If you’re moving to another state, most likely, you won’t do it in a day. Add logging cost at the hotel or motel for all the people involved in the moving.

If you don’t intend to move all your stuff at once, add to these costs, the expenses of renting a storage unit or deposit.

Speaking of storage units, keep in mind that you can also rent a portable container which you pack and unload yourself, as a low-budget alternative to traditional moving options.


Most people think that a do-it-yourself method is cheaper, but when you add up all the costs, the trouble, and the stress you might regret that you haven’t hired a professional moving company right from the beginning. Do your math and choose wisely!


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