The preparation for the best Cincinnati moving company to load up your home can be very stressful at times, but it can be made easier. In this article, we share with you some easy steps you can use to pack your items easily and without any stress.

The Supplies

You should have enough Newsprint and sturdy cardboard boxes. Note that newsprints are different from newspapers and are far preferable for packing your belongings to prevent the color transfer from the newspaper to your belongings.

You should also get bubble gum wrap, packing tape and Sharpie markers for labeling.

An important tip while packing is to put the heaviest load at the bottom of the box, and the lightest ones at the top, while filling any extra space with packing paper.

The Kitchen

  • China: are usually the most sentiment objects in your kitchen and the most fragile, so you should do all you can to keep them safe. Here are some tips:
  • Start by putting newsprint at the bottom of the box
  • Use double layer of paper to wrap three individual pieces of plates in a bundle
  • These bundled items should be placed standing in the box in a row
  • Take crushed paper and fill the empty spaces
  • Stack newsprints on top the bundles and create the next layer
  • Wrap each piece individually this time around, and stack the next tier
  • Bottles: It is important to remember that movers do not transport alcohol. Seal all bottle covers shut and put them in resealable bags before you wrap them.
  • Silver: Use clean newsprint paper to wrap silver together before you use dish towels to wrap them.
  • Stemware: Ensure you wrap stemware with newsprint in the goblet and around the stem, and store the stem with plenty of cushioning.

The Bedroom

  • Bedding: Use layers of clean newsprint to keep pillows and beddings separate in boxes. You can do room by room packing of linens to make unpacking easier and keep your beddings organized during your move.
  • Shoes: The best way to pack shoes is by keeping them individually in their shoeboxes before you place them in a larger box. If you cannot find their individual shoe boxes, then you can wrap them individually before you put them in bigger boxes to prevent them from getting stained.
  • Hanging clothes: Leave clothes on hangers and put them in special wardrobe boxes or put trash bags over them and remove the piece of plastic when you get to your new house.

The Family Room

  • Electronics: Get the original boxes of as many electronics as possible and follow the following steps:
  • Put a foam sheet or moving blanket at the bottom of every electronic box.
  • Wrap them with paper and place them in a box and fill all empty spaces with lots of padding.
  • It helps to take a picture of how they are arranged in your old house before you pack them, to make things easy for you when you unpack.
  • Books:  Pack books in small boxes to prevent a quick buildup of weight and place them flat in these boxes. Also, remember to place paper between them to prevent them from sticking.
  • Pictures and mirrors: Wrap them in a lot of paper and put them standing in a telescoping carton.
  • Lampshades: To prevent breakage, handle hem by their rims and place them in small to medium boxes lined with protective paper. Don’t put anything on top of them, no matter how light.
  • Statues and figurines: Cover them with bubble wrap and place them in a box where they’ll remain stationary.


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