If you are planning to move out of your current home and have not quite chosen where to live in the new state or town you are moving to, do not forget to move your mail. In this case, renting a PO Box temporarily in the new residential destination is a much probable option as it will provide you an option for your mail while you search for places to live in the new place. In this article, we will look at the easiest way to establish a PO Box while moving.

What is a PO Box?

The term PO Box is short for Post Office Box and is considered a private mailbox which is often located inside a post office and which is both safe and secure. Having a PO Box ensures that no one steals from or tampers with your mail. In most cases, Post Office Locations offer extended business hours to enable you to access your mail.

What are the advantages of having a PO Box when moving?

Owning a PO Box is particularly helpful for people who live in places where it is hard for mail courier services to deliver mail. Also, if you are given to traveling a lot or often out of town, having a PO Box is important.  Another advantage is that a PO Box will help you distinguish your private mail from your business mail.

How do I reserve a new PO Box?

Relocating to a new part of the country or to a different city usually comes with its numerous responsibilities before the main moving. Luckily, filling an application for a PO Box for your new home isn’t so difficult. You have the options of applying physically at the Post Office or applying online to save time.

How to Apply for and Reserve your PO Box Online:

The first step is to sign up online and search for any available PO Box in your destination. Then, proceed to choose which size of PO Box you would like to rent and the duration for which you wish to rent the PO Box. There are options ranging from 3-month rental to 12-month rental. After this, you will be required to create an account and commence the application process. After completing the process of application, go to the Post Office with the printed form, the emailed copy of your receipt and two means of identification.

How to Reserve Your PO Box in Person:

To apply for reservation of PO Box in person, first, print out the USPS form 1093 application and complete the registration process by hand. Then take the completed form to a Post Office with a valid ID to a Post Office close  or convenient to you. Immediately USPS confirms your address and your payment, then you will be provided with your new PO Box address and can now commence your service.

What is a Valid ID?

Following the USPS guideline, valid identification for getting a PO Box includes one photo ID and one non-photo ID. These forms of identification must be recent and should contain information that is sufficient to prove your identity. So, everything from driver’s license to vehicle insurance policy can be presented in either of the categories.

What are the different PO Box sizes?

There are five different sizes of PO Boxes and their capacity range depends on their size.

The first is the Extra Small PO Box which has a capacity range of 10 to 15 letter envelopes or up to two rolled magazines. The next is the Small PO Box which has a capacity range of 10 to 15 letters or up to 5 rolled magazines. Following closely is the Medium size PO Box which has the capacity of holding larger envelopes and magazines stacked flat. The next is the Large which is capable of holding two stacked shoeboxes and 10 to 15 letters. And, finally, there is the Extra-Large which is the largest PO Box option the USPS has. The Extra-Large can hold multiple Flat Rate Boxes and parcels.



Moving soon and need more information on obtaining a Post Office Box? Visit the USPS.com