Now that Halloween has come again, it is time for all our moving consultants, crew, and experts to take a good look at the horrors and other nightmares many of our clients had to experience when moving at this time of the year. Most times, our clients try moving without any help before they come to the realization of how horrific it could be and run to us with help. Thankfully, our experts can be trusted to deliver, wave away any nightmares they might have had and replace it with good news.

If, however, you are convinced that you can handle it, it would help to take a look at some of the mistakes you should avoid making to ensure the process is smooth for you.

#1 Mistake: Not labeling your boxes

If you forget to label your boxes when moving, you are going to have a tough unpacking, simply because you have to struggle with which item is in which box, and that can be nightmarish when moving. Imagine the stress involved in opening all the boxes one after the other before moving them to their designated rooms.

You can avoid this stressful and time-taking process by labeling the boxes with the items that are in them and the room they are meant to be in before taping the boxes and sending them for shipping. If you do this, you won’t have to deal with a mountain of confusing boxes in your living room when you get to your new house. 

#2 Mistake: Not protecting your floors

You can have scratched floors when you move boxes using wheeled dollies, pick up heavy furniture, or when movers move up and down your house. These processes lead to wear and tear of your precious new floors, whether they are carpet, hardwood, or tiles.

This horror can be avoided if you protect your floors as well as you possibly can by placing rugs in the entrance of your house and floor protection film or paper to cover areas with the highest traffic. If you are lucky and you have professional movers, they will be careful with your floors, but to prevent the horror of having scratched floors, it is important that you protect your floors if DIY.

#3 Mistake: Not packing your boxes before moving day

One thing you do not want to happen is movers coming in on the move-out day and finding out that you haven’t packed your boxes, and you aren’t ready to move. Although people want to avoid this at all costs, it is something many people tend to let happen to them because they underestimate how long it takes to pack.

You don’t want to be the person hurrying at the last minute to get your items in their boxes. Pack your boxes on time and avoid this nightmare.

Also, set your moving day as far as possible to give you time to sort out what you need and decide what to do with the rest. Moving provides the perfect opportunity to do that.



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