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From choosing the necessary household items to packing your belongings, relocating is not a simple task. Fortunately, Ekomovers.com has compiled some smart moving tips to make things a bit easy for you. Our guide will ensure that you have a smooth transition to your new home. Have a look

You will need to find free moving boxes at any recycling drop-off point in your local area. Spending your hard-earned money on cardboard boxes while moving is not the best option to explore. All you need to do is look around, and you will find cardboard boxes, especially at local recycling drop-off points. Also, you can ask your neighbors; they might have plenty of cardboard boxes that they are planning to toss. Other places to get free boxes are Nextdoor.com, Craigslist, Freecycle, liquor stores, offices, bookstores, etc.

Also, you can still make use of original boxes of appliances and electronics. There are probably old boxes in the house. Why not use them? Most of the appliances we purchase are packaged in boxes; if yours are still available, we recommend that you use them again while moving. It ensures that the items fit perfectly and also saves you some bucks.

While seeking to hire movers and the best moving company in Orlando FL, ensure you obtain quotes from different companies (three at least). It will help you compare their prices with the services they over. Never just at the first option you get. Also, ensure that the movers you hire are properly licensed and insured. This is to keep your belongings safe, of course.

Furthermore, never forget to take pictures of your belongings while packing them. You might not be around to monitor how the movers will handle your belongings. So, we advise that you take pictures of all your items, especially the fragile ones. In the event the mover damages or breaks an item in transit, you will need the photos as evidence to claim your compensation.

Wasting your money on buying fancy moving labels could be avoided. You can use colored notes to mark your boxes while moving. You can use various colors for various categories of items that will be moved. This will help you identify them easily while unpacking in your new home, as you won’t have to guess the content of the boxes.

You were able to get value, right? We are glad we could be of assistance. Your relocation needs to be stress-free, and we at EkoMovers always see to that. Feel free to get a free quote or order for our services directly on our website. Happy Moving!



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