If you consider yourself a dog mom or a dog dad, chances are you see your pets as a member of your family — and when it comes time to move into a new place, you want to make sure they adjust as easily as possible. At EkoMovers, we’re animal lovers too. Just take a look at our mascot; we know how important your fur babies are to your family, which is why we put together our best advice to help you prepare for your upcoming move with your pets!   


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Moving With Pets

Most people will agree that moving is a stressful, yet necessary event in our lives. A person is expected to move an average of 11.4 times in their lifetime. Despite being a moving and storage company, we’d agree that that is 11 times too many. Life events such as work relocation, marriage, and living closer to family are all reasons why people move, and every move causes stress, even for your pets.


Dogs and cats sense stress and will pick up on the anxiety the day of the move. Before moving day arrives, you’ll want to ease into the change gradually to reduce confusion and stress.

Keep Your Pet Secluded

If your pet isn’t crate-trained, now is the time to get them familiar with one. Your animals should be out of the way of movers who are lifting and carrying heavy items to prevent anyone from getting injured. Plus, your pet might feel tempted to explore the neighborhood one more time, and that would just add more stress to the day.


A few days prior to moving day, set the crate in a centralized room where your pet can examine it on its own. If they have a favorite toy or blanket, you might want to place it inside the crate to encourage them to get inside of it willingly.


On the morning of moving day, try to have one room completely cleared out and keep the crate in that room while the move is in progress. Since the room will be empty, there shouldn’t be any reason for movers to go in there and startle your pet.  


Introduce The New House

Are you moving more than just a few miles away and are headed to a new city or state? If so, plan ahead about how you will make the final move.


It’s best to take your pet to the new house with you in your own vehicle, in advance if possible. Introducing them to your new place at a time when there is minimal stress is the best case scenario.


If a sneak peek of their new home isn’t possible, it’s okay. When it’s finally time to say goodbye to the old place, request that your movers let you introduce the new place to your companion prior to moving items inside. This gives them the chance to check out the new place on their own.   

Moving Long Distance

Your pet will be much more comfortable leaving the old place when they leave with you, in your vehicle. If you hired a professional moving company, your vehicle shouldn’t be packed to the point that you can’t see out of the windows, so you should have plenty of room to let your doggo be your co-pilot for the ride. However, some animals find comfort inside of their crates, so it’s up to you whether or not they should remain in the crate.

Home Sweet Home

Once the movers have unloaded and helped you unpack, you and your best friend can get situated together. As you change and update your new address, don’t forget to do the same for Fido! Perhaps you can buy a new collar and ID tag to make them feel at home.


You already know that moving adds a significant amount of stress to your life. Not many people realize how moving affects their pets, too. Do you, your family, and your furry companions a favor and hire movers! Whether you are planning to move across town or across the country, you will want a professional moving company like EkoMovers that you can rely on. Our moving and storage company will handle your belongings carefully, from packing, loading, transporting, and unloading, so you can focus on what is really important.


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