No one needs to do a PSA before the spring cleaning idea sinks in. It’s something as natural as it can be, so it’s time to start thinking about putting your living space in the order it duly deserves. If you are more likely to get disturbed by allergies, then you do not need any more reason to get to work. Don’t join the band of people who dread spring cleaning, because it’s one of the major ways to stay healthy. So, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Make A List
As in almost every other activity in life, planning makes spring cleaning more organized and better. You know your house; you know what’s in there, so you need to keep written record of what’s in there and what you would like to be taken out. Go from room to room and take down what needs to be done, as it will help you not miss anything. You can take as much as a day to make a list so as to get everything quite covered. It also enables you to know what cleaning materials you would need, opposed to running out halfway into spring cleaning.

One Room At A Time
The most effective way you can deep-clean your house is to take a room-by-room approach, at any time of the year but most especially during spring. You can draft and use room checklists, and attending to the grey areas in your living space. This does not only help you stay organized but helps you attend to each room with the same amount of focus and determination, even if your spring cleaning streak lasts a week. If the chores are shared among housemates or family members, the better. Do not move on to the next room until you’re sure the previous is done.

Clear The Clutter
One of the most significant parts of the spring cleaning is getting rid of the clutter that you don’t need. The jam-packed nature of a home will advertently make it look disorganized, and such disarray means piling up of dirt and dust. Take advantage of the natural spring urge to get rid of items weighing you down and start afresh with a more streamlined lifestyle. Using a four-step approach for de-cluttering, you identify the problems, analyze the reasons, proffer the solution and round off by implementing the remedies.

Involve The Family
Technically, it’s not just you who’s living in the home, so everyone’s hands need to be on deck to make the spring cleaning project work. It’s something you can take on all by yourself, but should you need any help in the cleaning, you can get the family involved. Even the most reluctant member can help make a difference in the workload. Don’t let their unwillingness dissuade you, as there are ways to deal with them and get the whole family working together and even have fun while so. Spring cleaning is actually a time for you all to bond.