How to Make a Successful Corporate Move?

How To Make a Successful Corporate Move?

Is your office premises too big for your need? Or, on the contrary, have they become too small? Is your company merging with another? A corporate move is a crucial and delicate step in professional life. Whatever the reason for your corporate action, the transition must be prepared to avoid any mishap on a moving day. The moving experts of EkoMovers, a professional moving company in Cincinnati, OH, have shared the most important steps to follow for a successful corporate move.


Choose the ideal location for your new office.

The first step for the office relocation must be the correct choice for the location of the new office premises. Before making this decision, several meetings and consultations with the employees must be conducted. It is more constructive to announce to employees that the company is moving to a specific location than to tell them at the last minute. While making this most crucial decision, do some research on your competitors, like which area suits the most to your competitors.

While making this decision, several factors must be accounted for, like pedestrian flow, public transport, car parking, etc.


Employees must be taken on board before preparing for the corporate move.

The company’s human resource department must be very involved from the beginning to the end of the corporate move. Several sessions must be conducted with the employees to take them on board because employees are the most affected by corporate action. Frequent sessions with the employees will help support the employees to make up their minds about the upcoming relocation. Each of them must have enough time to prepare for this transfer, especially if the home-work distance is going to be increased.

To better inform those who have questions or problems, you can designate a “moving manager” per department. This will help you maintain a positive vibe and limit individual worries. You can also involve them in this process by asking their opinion on the layout of the new offices. Do not forget to inform providers, suppliers, and customers early to make arrangements.


Hire a Professional Moving Company

During the relocation process, there are high chances of damage to furniture, computer, or office equipment may occur during transport and handling. Hiring a professional moving company will decrease the opportunities to limit the risk, and the entire relocation process will be fully insured. In case of any damages, you can submit a claim and get compensation for your corporate move.

The professionalism of a moving company will not only move heavy furniture possible. But it will also move computer equipment, documents, and archives in the best possible conditions. It is advisable to book your move with the moving company well in advance because of their busy and hectic schedule. This will allow you to make your relocation process very easy.


The signing of the new lease

To avoid unpleasant surprises, be sure to read your current lease agreement carefully. In this regard, the notice period to be respected is six months during a commercial lease. However, it sometimes happens that this delay is shorter or longer depending on the expected conditions.

Regarding signing your new lease, do not hesitate to argue your negotiation as well as possible and carefully analyze the advantages of each office visited. Finally, don’t forget to leave your premises in the best possible condition. To do this, a deep cleaning is essential once you are gone.

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