Easily and Safely Moving Home Appliances

Easily and Safely Moving Home Appliances

Moving appliances like your refrigerator and washing machine can be one of the most challenging parts while moving home appliances. Because of their size and volume, these home appliances can easily be damaged if mishandled, causing damage to the floors and walls of your home.

Moving your home appliances requires a few precautions. Some appliances, like the washing machine or the refrigerator, are cumbersome. And they all need careful protection so as not to be damaged while handling and transporting. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid breakage by EkoMovers, an expert moving company in Cincinnati, OH. Be it your devices or your back!


General things to do when moving home appliances:


The first step should be to disconnect your electric appliances correctly. If you have a particular device, experts should disconnect them. Do not ever leave this until the last minute in your move.

The second step should be to clear the way. Choose the shortest possible path and remove everything that stands in the way. Make the path wide enough for the appliance and one worker on each side.


Here are some more tips for moving home appliances:


Fridge and Freezer

Avoid filling a shopping cart with fresh groceries a few days before moving, as these household items must be emptied and dried for the moving day.

To defrost and dry your fridge or freezer, you must empty and unplug it. Depending on the age of the device, this process must be carried out a few days in advance. If you want to speed up the defrosting process, the trick is to blow dry with a hair dryer.


Washing Machine

Unplug the washing machine. Remove any external cables, drain the water into a bucket, and secure the wires by tying them together so they don’t fall on the floor and get in the way. Stabilizes the washing machine to prevent damage in transit. When you arrive at your new home, reconnect and plug in all external cables.

If you are moving without an elevator, don’t forget to protect the corners of the washing machine to avoid damage to the staircase. But also to put wedges on any door that you have to cross.


Stove Oven

Clean the oven well and let it dry. Unplug from the outlet and remove oven racks, stovetops, burner caps, and other loose parts. Pack them separately.

Remove all interior items from the ovens, glass pan, racks, and plates. To preserve your windows, we recommend you tape a piece of cardboard flat to your surface. Just like transporting a washing machine, your cooking appliances’ electrical cords need to be caught in the adhesive, so they don’t drag on the floor and get in the way of transport.

Suppose you have made somewhat complicated connections between all your devices (computer, internet box, television, game console, etc.). In that case, we recommend that you provide self-adhesive labels to attach to the cables and on which to write down the correspondence. Don’t hesitate to take photos of the connections to ensure you don’t lose anything along the way and reconnect everything correctly in your new home.


All of these objects must be extremely well protected while moving home. It is best to keep the original packaging. If not, use regular reinforced cardboard. Then wedge the equipment with bubble wrap or moving blankets.

To avoid any risk and experience this move with peace of mind, contact EkoMovers, a professional mover in Cincinnati who is used to carrying out these complex home moving procedures. Contact us today and get a free moving quote.

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