Estimate the Price of Your Move

Estimate the Price of Your Move

Different parameters must be taken into account to estimate the price of your move.

  • The characteristics of my accommodation.
  • Volume of my move.
  • Distance and accessibility.
  • What level of service is suitable for my move and my budget.


Characteristics of Accommodation

The accommodation itself plays a key role in the move. The type of accommodation (house, apartment on the upper floors, garden level, etc.) will influence your quote. As well as the size (small or large) and the geographical position (big city or in the countryside). The ease of access for transport vehicles (street with parking, elevator) is another important quote factor. Best Movers always consider these points before the start of the move.

Remember that moving also entails additional costs on departure and arrival.

The Volume of the Move

This is the second thing to take into account. A small apartment or a large house will not have the same volume of boxes as a business. You must take into account the living space and your goods.

Distance and Accessibility

The distance of your move will directly influence the price. The longer the distance, the higher the price. Therefore, there will be more savings by taking advantage of an empty return from a mover on long-distance moves. One of the main aspects of a move, along with loading and delivery, is the route taken by the moving truck. Obviously the longer the distance, the more time spent driving.

Service Suitable for Budget

Professional movers offer different levels of services. If you go for best affordable movers near me. Your best option depends on what you can or want to do yourself and what you prefer to let qualified professionals do. Generally, three formulas are offered by movers. Economy, standard and luxury (also called comfort).


The movers can offer you different formulas depending on the services you want, the goods you have, and the budget you have.

  • In the luxurious formula, you ask the mover to do all the assembly/disassembly and the packing/unpacking for you. You just have to supervise.
  • The standard formula is the same, but you have to pack your laundry, documents, and small items like kitchen utensils yourself.
  • The economical formula allows you to adapt the service to your budget. You are in charge of the assembly/disassembly and the packing/unpacking of the boxes. The movers take care of the loading, transport, and delivery of the boxes and your furniture.


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