False – Moving Facts

False – Moving Facts

The internet is filled to the brim with information. All the information available online is only sometimes authentic. It is always a mixture of facts and false ones in all areas and topics, moving not being an exception. So, let’s get to it! Here are some misconceptions about moving that everyone should know.

Is Moving Always Stressful

People always think that moving is always stressful. However, this is not the case. A good plan and organization can make your move stress less. If you need more time to spend with your family during the relocation process, you can get assistance from a professional moving company such as EkoMovers. EkoMovers has a team of experts who organize your move in the best possible way. We provide free moving estimates that are always very near to the actual cost. To contact us, you must visit our website and fill out the online form. One of our experts will contact you and will assist you at all levels of the relocation process. Furthermore, our moving expert can visit your house virtually through a video call and can give you a moving estimate according to the belongings you want to move.

Moving Everything at One Go

Moving everything in one go is always convenient, but it cannot be the case all the time. Therefore, the fact that you must move all at once is false. Taking some days to move into a new home can reduce stress and build excitement when the rest of your belongings can be unpacked later. However, you should plan which essential items you should take with you, such as bedding, kitchen items, children’s rooms, etc. Even essential documents should be on with you from the start of unpacking. Pack the essential items at the last so you can unpack them first! Items such as decor or seasonal clothes can be unpacked quickly. Plan what you need first and which ones you will need later.

Packing Up by Yourself

Packing up by yourself should also be categorized in the list of false facts. It is not a valid moving fact, although some people do say that it can cut down on costs. However, the packing process is tiring if you do it all with your bare hands. For one, knowing how to pack everything will consume a lot of time.

Therefore, it is a good idea to hire a packing service. These are professionals who do the process of packing well and quickly. Furthermore, they have the suitable packing materials that you need to use. This ensures all your items are relocated safely to your new home. Plus, they know how to pack everything in the best way possible at a speed you cannot reach, certainly if you have a full-time job, kids, pets, etc. You would save time and nerves by hiring a packing service to get it all together for you.

All Tapes Work for Packing

Tapes are one of the essential components when it comes to packing items. However, all the tapes are different and different types of tapes are used for different types of purposes. For example, masking tape is great to write one for labeling. But it is not as sticky as duct tape. Masking tape can easily peel off and is less secure for holding a box of your belongings together.

Hence it is a wrong perception that all packing tapes are the same. It is essential to know which one is best. It would help if you had something that stays on different surfaces, such as cardboard. Taking the cheap and easy way out can cost you later when everything gets loose because you used the incorrect adhesive.

All Packing Boxes are the Same

Packing boxes comes first when we talk about packing material. Cardboard boxes are the standard, and others can do the job better. Therefore, thinking that all moving boxes are the same is false. Moving boxes must be sturdy, and some boxes must be made of more robust materials instead of just cardboard.

This is because moving boxes are stacked on top of each other within a moving truck, so they have to be strong to withstand the weight of items on top of them. Furthermore, they come in different sizes and shapes; you can use boxes designed to transport paintings, for example.

Moving Timeline is Fixed

It is not evident that the relocation process always goes according to your plan. Therefore, the moving timelines are indeed not fixed. Delays will likely happen in some cases. The new home may need more time to be ready to allow you to move in, or the movers may get stuck in traffic on a moving day. Importantly, it is always advised to have a bag of essential items at hand if any unforeseen circumstances arise.

Labeling Boxes is Optional

A packing plan is needed to make your moving life much easier. Labeling and keeping track of what items go into which bag or box can save you a lot of time when you unpack. Furthermore, it can also help you keep an account of the items you have left to pack.

You can number the bags and items (clearly) and which room they go into. Then you record where which items go on a piece of paper that you keep with you. This can help you make sure that the items that you need right away are the ones to be packed in the moving truck last so that you can get to them first in your new home.

All Moving Companies are the Same

No company is the same within their industry. A company can offer something a different company cannot. Therefore, the idea that all moving companies are the same is untrue. For one, there are different types of movers, such as local, international, long-distance, and commercial.

You should research to find out which professional movers you should use. Not only are they distance-based, but they also work out their costs in different ways. Furthermore, there are also different levels of experience in moving companies. This is why EkoMovers, for example, gives you different moving quotes from different moving companies. They also tell you what these professional movers have to offer.

When it comes to false facts about moving or anything on the internet in general, you should do additional research to ensure that you can tell what is feeding you misinformation or what is true. As we stated, there is a lot of information online, but you must know the accurate information from the fluff, with that happy, safe, and intelligent moving.

And if you need help with it, call EkoMovers today. We will get on it.

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