How to Hang Pictures Without Making Holes?

How to Hang Pictures Without Making Holes?

Are you renting your accommodation and having trouble hanging pictures without drilling holes? Hanging pictures and decorations at home requires some planning and preparation. A well-prepared space makes hanging them easier and reduces the risk of damage. This article describes the essential aspects of hanging decorative objects in the house.

Four inexpensive solutions to answer how to hang pictures without making holes.

Gone are the days of drilling holes in the walls to hang things. Today, there are many ways to do this. Among these: adhesive strips, magnetic clips, suction cups, and even clips. We’ve selected four of the most popular products that allow us to easily hang pictures without drilling holes in the wall or damaging the surfaces.

Adhesive strips

Adhesive strips are thin metal strips that stick to the wall and support paintings, mirrors, clocks, etc. They are available in different sizes and lengths and can be used on cement surfaces and plasterboards.

Magnetic tape

Magnetic tape sticks to almost anything except glass and ceramic. This method allows you to hang any object using magnets.

Non-marking fasteners

This is a set of 40-50 hooks designed to be used on walls without drilling holes. Their small size allows them to be used anywhere, even on rooftops. They are available in different shapes and sizes including round, square, and triangle.

If you need to nail them to the wall, the small size of the pin allows easy removal afterward without leaving traces. The most resistant versions can support up to 5 kg of weight.

Double-sided tape

The tape is made of high-quality polypropylene and can support up to one kilo of weight on smooth surfaces. It can be used indoors and outdoors, even in wet conditions. After applying the tape, wipe it off with lukewarm water and let it dry naturally.

How to cover the holes before moving?

When we want to move from a house, we often see the damage left by several years of life in our house. Although it is necessary to call in specialists for specific tasks, such as replacing a floor, renewing the roof, or repairing windows, it is possible to carry out other touch-ups yourself. Holes left by nails, screws, or other hardware can be covered before moving. Follow the following procedure.

  • Remove the screw or nail from the wall.
  • Clean the surface with a brush or paintbrush. The idea is to get rid of the dust so the product adheres better.
  • Scrape the surface to smooth out any roughness
  • Fill the gap with a putty
  • When dry, smooth the surface with sandpaper to leave a clean look.

Best tip: You can apply a little paint to even out the tones.

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