Locations & Coverage

Corporate Headquarters, Cincinnati, Ohio


260 Northland Blvd, Suite 215
Cincinnati, OH 45246

513-442-2462, 888-611-2292

EkoMovers - Columbus

Columbus, Ohio

4100 Horizons Dr, Columbus,
OH 43220


More locations coming soon..

If you want everything to turn out like a dream and that in the blink of an eye,  your move is ready and can be moved with the greatest ease. EkoMovers offers you a solution for this, entrust our moving specialists. When it comes to the specialized moving services that will be offered at the locations mentioned above. The story is totally different, for several reasons. EkoMovers starts it by providing formalized services. We provide the best working conditions for workers. (All social benefits and care in case of work accident).  We provide all the necessary equipment for the moving services and we ensure to complete the task within the deadlines. EkoMovers is doing the magic, and we have been providing quality services for over a decade. We turn the hassle into a professional, stress-free experience. Bravo!