Long distance moving is the most challenging of all moves. There are always construction projects and other factors at play with these types of moves. For this you need a team of professional movers to minimize the stress of the process. Having to pack all your belongings into boxes and having to unpack and re-organize is a time consuming process.

Here are some tips from EkoMovers to minimize the stress of long distance moves.

  1. Get rid of unnecessary clutter

Most of us are guilty of this, especially the “junk” we’ve been collecting in our closets among other places. The key to this is sorting and getting rid of items you do NOT need. Clear your home of such items by sorting them into three categories- items to be SOLD, DONATED AND TOSSED.

· Items that could potentially make you some money, try listing them on eBay, Amazon, craigslist or Facebook to see if you can make some money.

· The to be donated pile, can be taken to Goodwill or Salvation Army, scoring you a tax deduction at the end of the year.

· If some items fit neither of these descriptions, take them to the nearest junkyard

  1. Try to use and finish food items in your freezer and fridge.

Try to use food items in your freezer as well as pantry a few months ahead of your move. Try different and unusual combinations of cooking meals using only the items you have in your fridge/freezer.

· For the leftover dry items in your pantry, consider donating them to your local church or homeless shelter. It’s always good to give back to those in need!

  1. Set a day for your move and clear your calendar.

Moving can be a hassle if you’re trying to pack and organize while working or tending to your children. Consider blocking some time to tackle the task of packing and organizing (or have your moving company handle that stress for you)

  1. Accumulate moving supplies.

Try to prepare ahead by accumulating as many boxes, newspapers etc… OR stop by your local home-improvement store to buy boxes. Advantage of that, they will have all the sizes you need for your items.

This makes packing day a breeze; the more boxes especially in different sizes the better!

  1. Follow a specific plan!

Don’t start packing without a strategic plan. One of the most efficient ways to pack your belongings is to move from room-to-room. Pack everything in the living room, for example, before moving onto the bedroom, kitchen etc…

Also, keep one suitcase per person in which you store the items that you’ll need to immediately access, such as clean clothes, toiletries and medication.

  1. Make sure you have plenty of time between your move out and move in days

This may require some working around but nothing is more stressful than the need to be out of your old house or apartment at a certain time and not being able to have enough time to do it. Whether you are signing the lease to your apartment or closing on a house, make sure to give your self, and your help enough time between the two.

  1. Take time to research when hiring a moving company

This is one of those things you don’t want to do the day before. A few weeks or more ahead of your move, look into hiring professional packers/movers to help you with your big day. If you wait until the last minute, not only add to your stress but also can end up costing you more. Look around for local movers and shop around for prices before making your decision.

  1. Plan for the “unexpected”

Plan ahead for things that could potentially hold up your move or delay it significantly. Events such as weather changes, elevator outages, car breakdown etc. can and do happen. If you are able to give yourself a day or so room with your move do it. In such cases where things may need to change, you’ll be able to workout a plan B and/or C.

  1. Delegate!

Whether you’re going with a professional moving company or you’re planning to ‘do it all yourself’, delegate responsibilities accordingly. Delegate according to room or task, especially when putting heavy items back together.

  1. Unpack with a plan and schedule.

Allow yourself a few days to unpack and put things back in their place. If your move allows you a few days off to do all the unpacking finished, great! If not try to give yourself deadline, a few hours per day to get it done. This will help you to finish the task without being overwhelmed.