How to Move Furniture Safely?

How to Move Furniture Safely?

Whether you are in the process of relocating or purchasing furniture. To move furniture safely is a challenge for most people. Should you move the furniture in parts or transport it whole? This decision facilitates transportation. For example, bringing a bed or wardrobe upstairs is easy in parts. Whatever your requirement is, the professionals movers at EkoMovers are always happy to provide helpful advice on moving furniture.

Good Planning is Essential

Most moving companies want the relocation process to be completed very quickly. They carry and handle heavy furniture very unprofessionally. The result is back pain, shipping damage, and inconvenience afterward that could be avoided with a little more preparation time. Try to remove everything that can be removed. It is also recommended to hold the drawers and cabinet doors with adhesive tape to avoid any accident that could hurt you or damage the furniture. To be safe, use blankets or shrink wraps to protect fronts and sensitive surfaces, like glasses. Professional movers like EkoMovers advice that heavy furniture be loaded first and lay flat on the floor. Also, use the tension straps to avoid damages or malfunction.

Protect Your Furniture

If you have disassembled the furniture, attach a sticker to the sensitive surfaces or breakable items. Just to make sure, they are handle with care. When it’s time to move, start with the heavy furniture, as it will be shipped in the moving truck first. Good organization becomes even more critical when the weather is terrible because you can’t leave your furniture on the sidewalk and let it rain. Always prefer to hire professional movers like EkoMovers, who have the experience to move heavy furniture most professionally.

Hire EkoMovers a professional moving company in Cincinnati, OH, and enjoy the process of your move. Stay calm even if you have already missed the deadline for departure. It is a fact that most damage to furniture during transportation does not occur at the beginning of the work but at the end of the move. In winter, ensure the driveway is clear of snow, so the movers don’t fall on their way to the conveyor.

Special Caution with Real Wood Furniture

The transport of solid natural wood furniture is an extraordinary challenge. Due to their glued joints, many pieces of furniture cannot be disassembled and must be transported in one piece. In addition, a solid oak dining table or tabletop, for example, has a high dead weight. You want to prevent surface scratches, so protect the furniture with blankets or shrink wraps. But the cover makes handling difficult and can cause the valuable piece of furniture to slip out of hand and get damaged.

While transporting the table in the truck, protect areas that come into contact with the truck’s sides. Use protective sheets to cover the edges. Prefer to tie down heavy furniture with a heavy-duty tension belt. Even if solid wood furniture cannot be disassembled, you should check the interior, such as drawers and shelves, to ensure they can be removed. Anything you can disassemble reduces weight and makes transport much more accessible. These simple tips will help you to move furniture safely.

Why to Hire Professional Movers?

If you have a large home with a lot of heavy furniture, it may make sense to hire a professional moving company. The costs of professional moving companies are always cheaper than the damage.

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