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    Our moving service for individuals and companies through our expert movers in Evendale, OH, allows you to be accompanied throughout your relocation process.. Please find out how our service works for a successful move.

    1- Your Moving Quote

    Ask for your free quote online and get an estimate of your moving price for our two formulas: full-service moving and customized moving as per your need. You will thus be able to have a very accurate idea of ​​the final price of your move and be called back by one of our advisers to obtain a firm price within 24 hours.

    • Our expert movers in Evendale, OH, precisely define your volume to be moved using a list of furniture.

    Furthermore, they validate with you the accesses to your departure and arrival accommodation, as well as the particularities (number of floors, presence of an elevator or not, parking of the vehicle, etc.), choose, with you, the formula that suits you according to your wishes and constraints, be attentive to your specific needs to optimize your budget as well as possible.

    Good to know :

    Your estimate can be refined with the list of furniture to have a precise vision of the volume to be moved,

    On average, count 15 days to 3 weeks between the validation of the quote and the day of your move (variable time depending on the period of activity),

    You have a privileged relationship with your adviser and can reach him on his direct line whenever you wish.

    •  Planning Your Move

    Once you have validated your moving quote with your moving consultant, you will be directed to our Planning department. A dedicated employee will then take over to finalize the organization of your move until D-Day and offer you a dedicated moving service.

    • Completing Your Move

    The day before your move, do not hesitate to call our professional movers in Evendale, OH, to find out the exact time of his arrival at your home. On the day of the move, the team leader will introduce himself and have you sign the consignment note to certify that the move has been adequately organized. He will tour your home with you and explain in detail the organization of your move.

    When unloading by the movers, please take advantage of the fact that the movers bring your belongings one by one to your accommodation to unpack them and check that there are no scratches or breakages. It would help if you carried out this inventory in the presence of the mover.

    When everything is checked, you can sign the consignment note to release the team of movers and start settling in.

    Our moving company has supported you for over a decade and is committed to a quality approach. We have an A+ rating on BBB and the Best of Home Guide Award 2020. Therefore, your feedback is essential to improve our moving service continuously and offer you the best services. At the end of your move, we send you a Satisfaction survey allowing us to collect your positive or negative feedback. By taking 2 minutes to answer us, you participate in the continuous improvement of our moving offers.

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