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8 Important Tips for a Smooth Office Move

Your business is booming so you are ready to move to a bigger office. Office moving is a hectic process. So, office relocation demands both time and effort. However, office moving can become easy and hassle-free with the best Moving Company, EkoMovers. We provide professional office moving services.  

Office moving can feel like an overwhelming method. However, all you need is a proper plan with accurate information. There are tons of things on your list to do before the office move. Hence, it includes finding a new location to letting your customers know. Following discussion shows some essential tips for a smooth office move: 

Develop a Plan 

The very first step should be to have found new office space. It would be fine if you made sure that all applications were made. Moreover, you have signed all leases and clearance forms. After it, start by setting a detailed timeline. Make a reasonable timeline for office moving planning and stick to it. Don’t forget to get layouts and blueprints for your new office space. 

Communicate With the Employees

After the initial office moving planning, you need to communicate this valuable information with your team. You must give all the information they are supposed to know. Everyone must know their roles in the timeline. Also, remember to take feedback on issues; it will help to improve in the new office. 

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning of office is a necessary task. It is significant because no one wants to bring unnecessarily clutters to a new office. If you’re going to get rid of some old furniture, donate it or put it up for sale. Every employee should clean their specific workstations. Thus, it ensures less clutter. 

Assign Roles

Too many hands in one tasks could make unorganized chaos. To avoid this, you should ask your employees to volunteer for the task. These volunteers will communicate with other employees, movers, and key contact people. They must make sure that everything runs fine and on time. They must coordinate with each department regarding the requirements of moving materials. 

Hire Professional Movers

You need to hire movers whether you have a big office or a small one. Your staff can not move heavy desks without proper tools. Thus, this process requires time. It should be initial on your moving timeline. Therefore, it would help if you considered professional movers for your office. EkoMovers is the best moving company providing professional services with a cost-effective budget. 

Update Contact Information

This step considers a tiresome task. Firstly, all your business accounts need to be updated. You need to update your contact information for office moving. Moreover, you have to contact your vendors. You will ensure their availability at the new place. Make your customers aware about office moving in advance. In this way, they avoid inconveniences. 

Inventory Check of All Equipment

You will require to take an inventory of all equipment. It includes computers, printers, copy machines, etc. You also decide to replace old equipment with new if your budget allows this. Furthermore, if you move to a bigger office, you may buy more new equipment. So, plan well in advance. 

Pack Equipment and Files

In the end, develop a packing strategy. It is to get everything else packed and coordinated. All technology systems should need more attention to avoid any loss. Pack and label the files correctly. It makes easy and smooth unpacking. Remember to get everything securely packed and mark them. This way, the moving process can become easy and smooth. 

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Are you searching for the best office moving company? EkoMovers provide the best moving services. We have professional crews who handle your office belongings with care. Thus, we make this hectic process easy and smooth. 

Get a Quote Today for Your Office Move

Moving can be a nightmare. But it should be a breeze if you organize your office move properly. Therefore, the office mentioned above moving tips makes your moving process organized and more accessible. Remember, EkoMovers is here for all your office move needs. Therefore, contact our experts today. Request a free quote and start your office move off right. 


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