How to Properly Pack Items and Be Ready For a Move

How to Properly Pack Items and Be Ready For a Move

A move is an important and intense time, but no one really likes packing. When should you start packing? What should you pack first? What to do with fragile objects? How to properly pack items? And when is the best time to start and thus be on time for D-Day?

When to start packing for your move

Timing is very important. Ideally, you should start packing your stuff three weeks in advance. Obviously, you need to focus on items that you don’t really need for three weeks.

Make a checklist

A handy checklist tells you what you have already done and what remains. There are plenty of specialized moving apps that can help. These apps offer various features such as a checklist that shows you the most important tasks to complete step by step. The apps can also send you notifications so that you don’t forget anything. Best movers are always found on these apps.

Label the boxes

Print labels that you can stick on your boxes to help you get organized. This way, you know exactly what is in each box and you will know where to place each box when you arrive in your new home.

Watch out for fragile items

This is undoubtedly the most important. So follow these few tips:

  • Protect fragile items with newspaper, Styrofoam blocks, or bubble wrap.
  • At the bottom of the boxes, place something soft like napkins or paper to avoid breaking.
  • Place the plates and bowls on the side of the boxes to protect them.
  • Clearly and correctly label boxes containing fragile objects. This way, the movers will be able to transport those boxes with the greatest care.

Separate boxes for essentials

We advise you to load a bag or a crate with all the objects you absolutely need to properly pack items.  This may include pajamas, toothpaste, and clothes. Also consider items like laptops, smart phones, and chargers.

Hire Packing /Moving Company

Hire an affordable mover who provides reliable services in order to move your packed stuff to your new place. These companies provide additional services as well, according to your needs. Some companies even provide packing services.


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