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Moving and Storage Services

The moving process requires more than just packing your items into boxes and hauling them across town or state. You might also need reliable moving and storage services when you move. It is so because you want to keep your things safe throughout the moving process. Whether a commercial move or a residential move, storage needs may arise. Long-distance moves commonly need storage as the destination may not be 100% ready upon arrival. In these cases, it’s best to choose a moving company that offers a combination of moving and storage.

Choosing a bundled plan saves money. It’s easier to consolidate services with a single company instead of assigning them to different companies. In addition, using other companies for storage and moving increases what needs to be planned and managed.

EkoMovers is a Professional Moving and Storage Services provider. We offer you full service under one roof.

Affordable Moving and Storage Services

It is stressful to find affordable Moving and Storage Services. EkoMovers help you to take the stress out. We provide cost-effective services. Our dedicated and trusted movers plan your move without any hassle. We have guaranteed quotes and give you an exact price for your moving process and there is no hidden fee.
Moving does not happen all at once. Every move is unique and different from others. But, one thing is constant with EkoMovers- we treat your belongings with utmost care. We treat your items like our own. That’s why we are also providing storage services for your items. We are eco-friendly movers. Our professional crews help make the environment clean and the moving process. We have used proactive, environmentally friendly approaches. That makes us different from other traditional movers.

EkoMovers-Full-service Moving Company

If you don’t want to be directly involved with your move, consider hiring a Complete Moving Service provider. EkoMovers, as a Full-service Moving Company, is responsible for all aspects of your move from start to finish.
We use specially designed boxes to pack your items. For example, our wardrobe cabinets transport your clothes efficiently. It saves you time by allowing you to quickly transfer the contents of your wardrobes while leaving everything on the hangers. Our movers will pack fragile items such as lamps, plates, and mirrors in boxes of different sizes. In this way, you will find your items in perfect condition upon arrival.