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When preparing your items to be stored, label all boxes and have an item list of what’s in each box. Also, try to void storing the items that are most valuable to you, such as jewelry, irreplaceable items, important documents, passports, firearms and medication.

Follow the following guidelines from EkoMovers when preparing your items to be stored.

  1. It is important that your items are packed well and sealed tight. Well-packaged and covered items will hold longer in storage
  1. Place smaller items in uniformly sized boxes. Completely fill each box with heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. Uniformly sized boxes stack easier and conserve storage space.
  1. Pack books flat in small boxes and not standing. This will protect the spines, which will bend and warp over time if stood upright.
  1. Cover mattresses with plastic to avoid molding and moisture as well as dust.
  1. Cover any furniture items with plastic wrap as well as blankets to protect from scratching and damages.
  1. Keep clothing in hangers in wardrobe boxes and fill the box afterwards with folded clothes.
  1. Clean and treat leather items with a leather conditioner before covering them with blankets. Also prop leather furniture on pallets to keep it off the floor.
  1. Wrap all breakable items with bubble wrap and place in boxes along with linen and blankets.
  1. Pack your dishes and glassware in special dish and glass packs and stuff the empty space with shredded paper or plastic to avoid items from moving.
  1. To store mirrors and Pictures knock down similar sixed boxes and wrap around pictures. This will protect your pictures from dust and scratches.
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