Tips for Apartment Move

Tips for Apartment Move

An apartment move requires good planning in advance to make sure your move runs smoothly. Packing and protecting your belongings and furniture, organizing, unpacking, and planning the layout of your rooms are all steps to consider. The experts at EkoMovers, a moving company in Cincinnati, Ohio, have shared five practical tips to help you make this transition stress-free.

  • Pack and Protect your Belongings

 For your apartment move to occur in optimal conditions, you must avoid any breakage and loss of your belongings. Start by sorting and organizing your belongings according to their nature (books, clothes, dishes, valuables, fragile objects).

The use of 100% recyclable moving boxes is recommended. Arrange your objects in the boxes, avoiding leaving empty spaces. Also, remember to use packing paper for packing fragile objects (vases, dishes, glass objects, etc.).

To facilitate unpacking your boxes:

  1.  Consider grouping the belongings intended for the same room.
  2.  Label each box with its destination with colored adhesive labels.
  3.  If necessary, write the details of the contents of each box.
  • Plan your Room Layout in Advance

Before loading your furniture and belongings into the moving truck, keep in mind the location of each item in your new home. To plan this well, remember to take and note the measurements of the rooms in your next home.

When all the measurements of your furniture and large appliances are taken, it’s time to plan the new location for each item. Thus, group them together in the moving truck, all the effects belong to the same room to facilitate the unloading of the truck.

At the final destination, unload each item piece by piece. By proceeding in this way, you avoid unnecessary and time-consuming clutter and facilitate your move quickly when unloading.

  • Adopt an Efficient Unloading Strategy

 Moving an apartment requires a lot of energy and causes significant fatigue. Stay organized and plan the unloading and unpacking of your belongings in a specific order and according to your priorities.

Starting with unloading the main rooms’ items, you quickly settle into your new accommodation. The kitchen and bedroom are usually prioritized. The first is vital for eating and the second for resting after a long day.

Secondly, unload and assemble the living room furniture. The decoration is the last step of your moving apartment procedure. It may take out several days or even several weeks after your move.

  • Pack a Bag of Essentials

 Moving can be a long hard process if you choose to do it on your own. Sometimes everything cannot be completed all in one day. Make sure to pack a suitcase or small bag containing everything you might need before you go to bed that night and what you might need first thing in the morning. Just in case you don’t get as far as you would like in one day. At least this way you have all of your essentials in one place so you aren’t digging in multiple boxes trying to find what you need.

  • Call a Professional Moving Company.

 To avoid any accidents and to ensure that your move takes place in the best possible conditions, call on professional movers. A certified moving company such as EkoMovers in Cincinnati, OH, offers you several formulas to take care of all or part of your apartment move in Cincinnati and surrounding areas.

Moving an apartment with several floors often has narrow stairwells and no elevator. This type of building can easily compromise the success of a move. A moving company has all the appropriate equipment for loading and unloading your belongings.

Our moving experts support you in your apartment moving process and answer all your questions according to your needs. For your apartment move with complete peace of mind, call on the expertise of EkoMovers.

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