Tips to Move Inexpensively

Tips to Move Inexpensively

You want to move, but you have a limited budget. Our experts have shared some tips on how to move inexpensively with affordable movers.

Compare offers

One of the most effective tips for finding a cost-effective move is to get quotes, from several moving companies and compare them. Each moving company has its own rates and the difference can be significant. Therefore, it is advisable to contact several moving companies to find the best moving company. EkoMovers provides you with a budget that you can modify according to your needs.

Collect free boxes

People don’t usually know what a box costs. Multiple boxes quickly add to the cost of your move. But it’s actually quite easy to get boxes for free. If you go to supermarkets, you will easily find boxes and save money. During some moves, EkoMovers can provide some complimentary packing boxes.

Accurately estimate your volume

As the volume increases, the price increases. To avoid a high price, we recommend that you provide an accurate list of items to the company. To do this, experts recommend sharing the dimensions of your items with the moving company in advance. Some moving companies provide calculators on their websites to get the moving estimate.

Avoid moving on the weekends

Your move-in date influences the cost. One tip to move cheaply is to opt for a weekday. Also, avoid moving during the summer. Certain periods such as winter or fall are cheaper. Do some homework ahead of time before moving-in dates are finalized.

Less Volume, Less Cost

The main price factor is volume. If you reduce the volume, there will be a significant drop in cost. The expert’s advice is to only take the essentials. Also, if your move is international, many products can be bought cheaper locally. Do some research on what products are available cheaply.

Use Your Social Network

With a local move, experts strongly recommend that you use your own network. You can even use social media to create events. In some cases, friends also lend trucks. Helping each other is one of the keys to a cheap move.

Organize your Accommodation in Advance

Always prepare the storage place in advance. In the worst case, your new accommodation may be closed and you must finish your move by placing your belongings on the street. Be careful in this regard and always look for storage solutions in advance. There are also co-storage solutions, which, like co-transportation, divide the price.

Avoid Waste, Empty your Freezer

Emptying the freezer before moving in is also helpful. Organize your menu a week before your move, so that at the time of your move, you do not have to take too many grocery items with you.

Start Moving before Moving Day

If you already have the accommodation available, you can start carrying some smaller items to reduce the total volume to be moved. As mentioned, reducing the volume of the move is a way to make an economical move.


After following all these tips, you’ll notice it revolves around organizing and planning the move in advance. Being organized saves you a lot of money. However, some of the costs cannot be avoided. But be careful to find the best movers!

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