Unexpected charges in moving and how to avoid them

Unexpected charges in moving and how to avoid them

After a long search, you hired a moving company after getting a great estimate. On moving day the crew arrives, and you slowly realize that this move will take way longer than you thought. Now you’re spending more time and money on this move.No one wants to be in this situation, but how can you avoid these unpleasant surprises?

Moving estimates are based on several factors like the size of the house and the distance between locations. Companies can give you a quote over the phone, but that’s not a guarantee, just an expected range without actually seeing your house and situation. You should be especially careful when dealing with long distance moving companies.
By following these tips you can avoid moving day issues.

Take inventory:

Go room by room and list every item that you need to move. Organized customers have fewer moving day surprises. You can use our online checklist or email us a list.

Take pictures:

Including photos of your inventory list gives us the ability to accurately estimate the cost of your move. This also allows us to take note of any large or bulky items like pianos, exercise equipment, or antique furniture. Get an in-home estimate. If you have 3 or more bedrooms, ask for an on-site estimate.

Get an on-site estimate:

If your house has 3+ bedrooms, request an in-home estimate from our moving experts. Local moving companies provide this free service for those in the metro area. We can walk through your house and inventory to give you the most accurate moving estimate. Large homes over 3,000 sq. feet may require two trucks or multiple trips with one truck. An in-home estimate will help us craft the right moving plan for you and your house.

Tell your movers about elevators or stairs. If you live above the ground floor or in a two-story house, it is important to mention elevators or stairs. It is very important to reserve the elevator for your moving day, our movers will have to take the stairs which will lengthen the time of your move.

Be aware of the parking situation. Steep driveways require smaller trucks, so please let us know about your driveway. If you live in a downtown area, you need to reserve a parking spot for a moving truck. If the truck has to park far away, it takes longer to move. If a truck gets a parking ticket because you didn’t reserve a spot, this increases the moving cost.


Be upfront about everything when scheduling your move. The more info you provide, the better service and more accurate estimate we can give you. We are the most affordable moving and storage services provider. If you have questions please contact us at contactus@ekomovers.com

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