When is the Best Time to Move?

When is the Best Time to Move?

As many know, moving is a seasonal business. Therefore, the period you choose for your move directly impacts the price. So when is the best time to move? We tell you:

Moving your belongings can be the biggest mistake if you don’t plan it well in advance. As relocation is one of the most critical decisions in anyone’s life, planning it adequately is what it all takes. As the relocation process is complicated and thoughtful, we tend to need to remember a few things while planning it.

Below are the few points to consider to answer, what is the best time to move?


Relocation during Peak Season

The summer season is from June to September. It is the time window with the most customer inquiries and therefore is the peak moving season: This is due, on the one hand, to the school holidays and, on the other hand, to the excellent weather conditions. Moving to another city in the summer also has the advantage that your children can avoid changing schools during the current school year. This makes it easier for them to settle in smoothly and ensures less tension in the family!

Professional movers are heavily booked in the high season so prices can be up to 50% higher during this time. Be sure to request your move offer at least 3 or 4 months in advance! This is all the more important if you want to move in the following periods:

Month – September – April

This is the best time to move because moving services and lower prices are more available.


Families with children prefer to move during the summer to avoid problems during the school year. It is also easier to move in the spring and summer when the weather is pleasant.

Week – Mid Month

Housing leases usually begin and end near the first and last day of the month, so there is more demand for relocation. And to that point, some moving companies may offer discounted rates if you are moving during the mid-month.

Day – Weekdays (Tuesday – Thursday)

People prefer to plan their move, so they don’t have to take a day off from work or school. So weekends are a good time for them to hire movers. So if you can afford to miss a day of work or school, you will get some discounts on weekdays, extra time to unpack your belongings, and meet your new neighbors!

Time – Early Morning (8-10 am)

The early morning hours make your move easier due to the cooler temperatures. You will also maximize daylight hours if you start sooner rather than later.

Also, you will be full of energy and open to a new stage of your life.


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