Why Choose Specialized Movers?

Why Choose Specialized Movers?

Are you planning to move soon or has your move date come? You probably have to deal with many new challenges. You are in need of specialized movers. Subsequently, we have put together a moving guide for you answering the most frequently asked moving questions.

Calling on a Specialized Mover. What are the advantages?

When preparing for a move, many people don’t necessarily think about insurance, security, planning, or even equipment issues. These steps are often time-consuming, these can be taken care of by the services of a professional mover.

Rest Assured.

A move can be risky for certain fragile objects or furniture. Especially between packaging, transport, and storage in the new home. It is not always possible to avoid accidents during this procedure. Insurance against breakage, theft, or loss gives you peace of mind just in case.

The main advantage of moving with specialized movers is that the insurance is taken out directly by the moving company. Professional moving companies have contractual insurance that protects you in the event of a problem.

Secure Organization and Planning.

Organizing a move is not an easy task. This involves choosing between quotes, asking essential questions about the protection of certain objects. Importantly, check the dates, and change them if necessary. The list is long.

You have thought about the furniture, the dishes, and the number of boxes. But moving also involves a time-consuming and complicated administrative part. Importantly, it is possible to entrust the transfer of your various contracts thanks to your mover. Moreover, for several years, contract transfer has been a service offered by certain movers to make their customers’ lives easier.

Using a moving expert allows you to focus on your new home. While being assured of being able to move in with all your belongings on time. Everything is centralized with a single point of contact, your specialized mover.

The Equipment of Experts.

A professional comes with all the specific support and tools needed to move. This is a guarantee not to degrade common areas such as the entrance, doors, stairs, and corridors.

Furniture and Heavy Goods Lift.

A home is often equipped with bulky and heavy furniture. This is what a mover calls “heavy goods”. These pieces of furniture require the use of a furniture lift. Good to know: as soon as you move more than 30m3, a heavy goods vehicle is necessary and logically its license also.

Protection of Fragile Objects.

Valuables, trinkets, mirror statues, vases, lights, displays, and works of art are delicate objects to deal with. Moving professionals have the experience to handle care.

The Packing Material.

Newspapers are not enough to protect your valuable belongings. Contrary to this, a professional mover is able to provide specific equipment such as blanket wraps, straps, cardboard boxes, to move your furniture without damaging them.

In addition to this advantage of using specialized movers like EkoMovers is that you can take advantage of a selection of offers tailored to your needs. Requesting a quote on their website. An expert offers a comparison allowing the selection of the most qualitative offer.

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