How to Protect Your Video Games While Moving

How to Protect Your Video Games While Moving

Are you considering relocation and want to store your video games and other valuables in storage? If that is the case, then certain doubts will arise in your mind, such as

How to preserve video games?

How to keep the consoles?

The moving experts at EkoMovers have shared some valuable tips in this regard.

Knowing how to store video games and consoles is essential because they are designed with delicate materials that the slightest mishandling can damage. So protecting your video games from dust and scratches will make them last much longer.

To save a video game or console, keep in mind the following:

How to protect your video games for proper storage?

The storage warehouse is a perfect place to store our games. Each game must be individually protected for safety reasons. Some of the best practices to protect your video games are listed below:

It is recommended to Pack games in their original box. If you do not have the original packing, wrap your games in bubble wrap or other protective sheets.

Clean the video game: 

Before packing the game, clean them so they are free of dust. Clean surroundings and corners with a soft cloth that cannot scratch the video game or wear out the paper included in the cover.

Bag or laminate: 

Protect the boxes of your video games. Cover your video games with plastic so that there is no dust or other material that can spoil them. An option widely used by collectors is to laminate.

How to protect your consoles for proper storage 

If you find yourself in the situation of storing your video game consoles or have accessed a storage service, follow the following recommendations:

High protection. 

Equipment, such as video game consoles, screens, or computers, must be stored in resistant boxes and protected with bubble wrap. In addition, the package must be marked with words that warn that it is a fragile object.

Protect from dust. 

To preserve the box and its images on the outside, it is necessary to use plastic. With this, you will maintain the presentation of the box. Also, you can use air from a hair dryer to seal the liner under a vacuum.

Use these recommendations for small or large box consoles. They work the same way. These security options are cheap, but you could opt for case protectors. The purpose is to preserve the consoles and keep loving our consoles for longer.

Latest Recommendations

Opt to keep your video game discs in a filing cabinet so that you don’t have to unpack the case when you need the disc to play games.

If you are planning a move, use this article as a guide to properly store your video game.

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