How to Move Eco-friendly?

An eco-friendly move is as easy as a classic ordinary move. The only significant difference between an eco-friendly and classic move is the packaging material and the moving trucks used.

Using recycled boxes for an eco-friendly move is the most important thing. So one should go every step further to avoid the usage of new boxes and should find already used boxes but in good condition. After completing your move, one should keep the boxes safe for future use.

From where to find used packing boxes?

  • Visit your nearby grocery shops and ask for the packing boxes.
  • You can get plenty of them from vegetable and fruit sellers on the sides of the roads.
  • Find the people in your circle who have moved recently. You can get the packaging that they will no longer need.

Similarly, when you have finished your move, put the damaged boxes in the recycling and give the others to your friends who are about to move.

Furthermore, you can use other recyclable materials if you are still looking for packaging boxes. The spirit of Eco-friendly moving is to use recyclable material for packing purposes.

In addition to boxes, the experts at EkoMovers, a professional moving company, have some tips for packing to go green.

  • Wrapping dishes in clothes to avoid breakage instead of bubble wrap is advised.
  • The decoration pieces, especially sculptures, can be wrapped with blankets for extra care.
  • Books and toys can be stored in empty dust bins, it will not only save some space, but it will also give extra care to your belongings.

Relocation is the best time to get rid of unwanted things.

When packing for your green move, you will surely come across many objects that will no longer be needed—especially those slightly broken or outdated ones. Donate them to a recycling center near you if you don’t need them anymore. Moreover, if you are very attached to your belongings and have unforgettable memories. Become more creative and give your old furniture and appliances a makeover to avoid buying new ones.

Some suggestions for how to reuse your old furniture are:

  • Repaint your fridge or microwave oven with metallic paint to give it a fresh look.
  • Wooden furniture can be polished again. It will give a brand new look.
  • Get benefits from the magic of varnish and change the handles of your kitchen cupboards. It will bring a very modern look to your furniture.

Finally, let’s talk about the green move itself. You have two options to get rid of carbon footprints while moving your belongings from one place to another.

  1. 1- If you are moving locally and you have very few belongings to move. Try to move your belongings through your car as much as possible or going for the cargo bikes is the perfect solution. Very few but specialized companies have started offering cargo bikes. This type of service is adopted by moving companies who are very concerned about global warming and need to provide eco-friendly moving services.
  2. If you are moving a little farther, prefer to move with an eco-friendly moving company and preferably with those moving companies who use electric van.

The time is close when all the professional moving companies will be offering recyclable packaging boxes and electric vans in the moving industry. EkoMovers is proud to be one of the eco-friendly moving companies based in Cincinnati, OH. We are committed to making this world green.

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